Foam producers might be very flexible to follow the evolution of the market in volumes, quality and specific needs such as savings on production cost, ability to produce specific foam grades, reduce waste etc.

Cannon Viking analyses the specific requirement and offer equipment that helps the foam producer to:

  • modernize the dosing and laydown equipment
  • boost the dosing system to manage the introduction of additional chemicals
  • introduce a sustainable blowing agent
  • increase volumes of production
  • improve quality with fine and smooth foam cells
  • reduce the chemicals’ consumption
  • update the automatic control system
  • integrate the foaming plant with the chemicals tank farm and the company ERP
  • introduce updated heath&safety measures

All the operations are carried out with the minimum plant shutdown and are available for new plants delivered by Cannon Viking, plants already in operation supplied by Cannon Viking or by other foaming machines manufacturers.

The Cannon Viking RS Square Block Equipment has been in successful operation since the mid 1970’s and is installed and fitted worldwide on a large number of maxfoam foaming plants. The equipment is designed to enable the foam block producer to obtain a better rectangular foam block shape with improved yield especially on foam blocks over 1 metre in height with potential savings up to 3% of foam output.

How it works

The principal of the system is based on a reduction of the friction between the rising, expanding foam block and the moving side papers/films by the introduction of a low density polyethylene film web on each side of the foam block.

The two polyethylene film webs are fed in at the front end of the foam plant on either side of the maxfoam trough to ensure location between the expanding foam and side papers. The two polyethylene webs are then pulled in an upward motion by two matched film pulling units during the foam expansion phase on the maxfoam fallplate.

The film pulling units are adjustable both in height and longitudinal length to suit a wide variety of foam density grades and the different production characteristics.

RS Square Block Equipment can be supplied as an integral part of a new foaming plant or as an addition to existing maxfoam Cannon Viking or other manufacturers continuous foaming lines.

Cannon Viking has been supplying additional equipment to improve block profileson conventional, maxfoam and liquid laydown equipment for a number of years: customized solutions for improving the flatness and squareness of the foam blocks are proposed, whether that be a top film system or a planiblock system.

We have extensive experience of also retro-fitting our equipment onto machinery manufactured by other companies than Cannon Viking.

Cannon Viking introduced this development to improve flexible foam cell structure and reduce pin holes on standard low pressure maxifoam plants.

The system is available on new foaming plants as well as available as an upgrade for existing low pressure foam machinery supplied by Cannon Viking by all other manufacturers.

When very reactive chemicals are used or a very effective mixing is requested, high pressure metering units and high pressure mixing heads are preferred.

Cannon Viking has vast experience in suppling foaming plants with high pressure metering units with Cannon high pressure leading mixing heads’ technology.

This activity can be carried out as a conversion of a low pressure plant when a change in chemicals occurs.

To further improve foam block shape and reduce side skin waste, the maxfoam plants can be supplied with conveyorised driven sidewalls. This equipment is particularly suited to high density and soft foams like HR (high resiliency) and visco elastic/memory foam. All Cannon Viking maxfoam sidewalls can be supplied with tilt option with angle adjustment for optimal foam block shape especially on high density and HR foams.

Additional metering units can be supplied to enable a wide range of foam types and colours to be made on the same foaming plant.

These include specific metering units with specialised pumps for colours, filled foams, HR-high resiliency foams, viscoelastic/memory foams, fire retardant foams, antistatic foams, anti UV foams, CMHR-combustion modified high resilient foams, melamine foams, gel foams.

Cannon Viking manufacture the VCO block length cutting machine for installation at the end of the maxfoam conveyor.

The VCO is used to cut the continuous foam into convenient lengths before being transported into the foam curing area. Two models of VCO machine are produced, one for standard foams and another version specifically for soft and wet foams like viscoelastic/memory and super soft foams.

This equipment is supplied to enable production of higher quality foam blocks with less pinholes and air bubbles. The equipment can be supplied as an option with a new Maxfoam Elite Plant and is included as standard with the C-Max Plant. These foam plants are normally supplied with partial or full high pressure metering units to give optimum foam quality.