Cannon Viking has been making discontinuous or single block machines for 55 years and has supplied more than 200 customers around the world on single block machinery.

We have a standard discontinuous machine, the Blockmatic which comes in a single shot of 120, 150 and now 180 kg as well as an even larger shot for speciality foams or rigid applications.

The Blockmatic is ideal for customers who wish to make foam on a discontinuous basis and who are potentially new to the industry. The production technology is relatively simple and therefore suits the newcomers to the slabstock industry.

In addition to this, the Blockmatic is also a popular alternative for foam producers who wish to make speciality foams such as High Reselience , Supersoft and Visco-elastic foam on a block by block basis which allows them a greater flexibility of production.

This technology helps them to produce the required number of foam blocks that may not be profitable to produce on the continuous machines.

It is also proving to be in addition to this, an excellent support machine to the bigger foam producers.

The Cannon Viking Blockmatic Foaming Unit can produce square foam blocks of densities between 15 kg and 80 kg in a recommended mould size of approximately 2200mm x 2000mm x 1100mm. Alternatively, a customised round mould may also be used to produce round foam blocks.

The Blockmatic comes with a relay control system or optional PLC control system with a HMI. Depending upon the foam grade, additional metering lines may be added to produce various grades and types of foam.