Cannon Viking first introduced the Omega control and monitoring system in early 1990’s and we have since developed and innovated the system to become market leading computer control system for the production of continuous slabstock foam.

Today Omega i4.0 configuration is able to fully integrate the foaming plant with the chemicals storage, raw material suppliers, and the foams manufacturers’ ERP.

This system, developed and supported in-house, is in operation in over 150 Cannon Viking foam plants running worldwide and provides the operator with:

  • Full formulation management
  • Automatic control of chemical metering
  • Closed-loop control with user friendly interface
  • Flow meters included as standard for TDI, Methylene Chloride and Water
  • Historical plant information
  • Remote access for trouble shooting and problem solving
  • Integrated with VCO Block cutter
  • Integration with the raw material supply system as an option

Cannon Viking Omega control system can be installed on new plants but also on foaming machines already in operation to improve performance and safety