The C-Max is Cannon Viking High Pressure top range machine, it operates as a Maxfoam with:

  • both trough and liquidlaydown using the maxfoam fallplate to improve foam block shape and give superior cell structure and low pinholes
  • flexible production: higher density foams and speciality grades
  • maximum economy of production, the C-Max is designed with 1,200 mm high sidewalls, which, as standard, are variable in width during production from 1,500 mm to 2,450 mm
  • accurate digital control of chemical output and automatic control of mechanical settings with the‘Omega’ Computer/PLC Control System; this avoids operator error and ensures a higher accuracy of formulation
  • modular mechanical and electrical design, to be easily upgraded at any time in the future to include liquid laydown and conventional machine production
  • designed forup to 80 chemical streams, allows for expansion at a later date without the necessity of mechanical changes or extensive electrical or software modifications, typical of relay or SCADA computer controls.

The C-Max Elite machinery is supplied with a total chemical output up to 500 kg/min capacity.