Eco-Slab is the compact continuous foam machine for the production of a wide range of high quality flexible slabstock foam blocks.

Developed to meet the growing demand by the market for a compact solution capable to produce a wide range of high quality flexible slabstock foam blocks, Eco-Slab has been developed using the latest generation of metering process, computer controls and mixing systems, package together in a modular design giving the customer the ultimate flexibility to design a bespoke machine according to their foam requirements, and allowing for practical future upgrades.

For this reason, Eco-Slab provides unique advantages:

  • Thanks to its latest generation of Omega Computer Controls, this system, developed and supported in-house, allows the operator to have a full formulation management, an automatic control of chemical metering, a closed-loop control with a user friendly interface and an historical plant information.
  • Reduced energy and chemical consumption: thanks to the computer controls, the plant monitoring systems and the precise chemical metering system, Eco-Slab is particularly efficient and allows the costumer to obtain an overall financial saving that can easily exceed 10% if compared to a conventional slabstocks machine.
  • Small machine footprint to reduce space and building costs: thanks to its small size, Eco-Slab can easily be integrated with previous plants.
  • Flexibility to produce different foam types with different methods: Eco-Slab can be used to manufacture all types of Polyurethane foam including standard polyether foams, HR foams, visco/memory foams, super soft foams, semi rigid and rigid foams. It can also produce foam blocks using either :
  • Trough: the chemical reaction occurs within the trough before rising from the top onto an adjustable fallplate, which then leads the foam block along a metal slat horizontal conveyor for the completion of the foam rise and initial cure.
  • Liquid Laydown: this process gives an higher quality foam block, reducing the number pinhole because the chemical mix is introduced through direct foam laydown onto the pour plate.
  • A combination of both systems.

Eco-Slab represents Cannon Viking’s market philosophy: a flexible approach based on the listening to costumers needs. The company, in fact, does not provide only standard machines but, starting from the specific client requests, can provide tailor made solution.

As Nick Wood, operations director at Vita Group, testifies “… [the Eco-Slab] has a small footprint, and while is capable of producing bigger volumes at high speed, it can manufacture bespoke, novel efficient foam. It has high level of flexibility with the ability to interchange different development additives easily. It has achieved what we needed”.

The Eco-Slab shares many of the most popular and successful features seen on other Cannon Viking’s continuous machines whilst maintaining the highest standards of machine construction.

Discover more about Eco-Slab: visit the product page or find out all Cannon Viking solutions for slabstock production.