The Customer

For well over 20 years, Mentvil SA, based just outside Buenos Aires in Argentina have been producing a wide variety of high-density, speciality foams for all applications for the South American Market.

The Challenge

Mentvil had two key ambitions for the new project: the first was to have a dedicated machine capable of producing both Polyether and Poylester type foam; the second was a machine with the flexibility and modularity to grow and meet the ever-increasing demand of speciality foam type production such as High Resilience and Visco-Elastic

A major challenge was designing a machine capable of producing both Polyester and Polyether foam as the raw materials are not cross compatible.

The Solution

A very special handling and processing solution was designed and developed. Cannon Viking used all the extensive experience in this area to put together a unique solution offering a two manifold system combined with a bespoke Maxfoam Elite machine design.

The Maxfoam Elite delivers a very flexible production and can be designed to include both Maxfoam Trough and Liquid Laydown foam production for higher density and higher quality foams.

The Success

The new Maxfoam Elite helped Mentvil consolidate their position as one the market leader South America in foam production and in turn has helped them expand and develop their foam production range.