The Customer

UNIFOAM Group is a Nigerian Polyurethane foam producer, established in 1980 in Ilorin, Kwara State. In its four facilities, one of those located in Lagos state, the company produces more than ten different types of mattresses and furniture (as pillows, foam sheetings, sofa bed…).

The Challenge

“Better sleep, better everything”: UNIFOAM knows the importance of sleeping well; for this reason, it manufactures products of high quality, able to provide an exceptionally comfortable experience.

And for the same reason, UNIFOAM requires to its suppliers the highest level of quality.

The Solution

Since its establishment, UNIFOAM have chosen Cannon Viking as its technological partner for the production of its excellent mattresses. Cannon Viking supplied UNIFOAM with eleven production lines, mainly Maxfoam systems of different sizes, for the production of flexible foam blocks of variable densities. Cannon Viking Maxfoam lines are able to process up to 430 kgs/min of chemicals and can be easily upgraded thanks to their modular design.

The Success

Designed to the highest standard, Maxfoam is flexible and efficient, guaranteeing the production of variable density foam blocks of perfect shape. UNIFOAM can thus count on a high quality production, with an extremely limited waste.