Manufacturing PU foam in the USA with fillers, flakes and liquid co2

The reasons for choosing CO2 as a blowing agent in flexible Polyurethane foams are well known and the concept has been widely accepted since its introduction over 25 years ago:

  • The product is abundantly available and continues to be cheap.
  • Carbon Dioxide expands three times more than alternative, more traditional blowing agents, such as Methylene Chloride. As a result, significantly less CO2 is required
  • CO2 has no harmful effects on the health of machine operators or on the safety of the factory.
  • In addition, CO2 produces a softer feel to the foam, which is a highly sought-after property in certain markets.

Cannon Viking CarDio™ System

CarDio™ is the patented process developed by the Cannon Group over 25 years ago for the production of low density polyurethane foams on either Conventional, Maxfoam or Maxfoam Elite continuous slabstock plants, using Liquid Carbon Dioxide (CO2) as the blowing agent.

To date, well over 80 individual CarDio™ installations have been supplied worldwide, with the equipment in successful daily production throughout the Americas, Europe, the Far East and Australasia.

CarDio™ equipment can be supplied as part of a new Cannon Viking Maxfoam or Maxfoam Elite continuous slabstock plant or installed as a retro-fit to an existing foaming plant, irrespective of the machine manufacturer: Cannon Viking has extensive experience of retro-fitting the CarDio™ system to competitor’s equipment.

Two standard equipment versions are available.

The preferred option is the “Direct” System, where all chemical metering streams, including Carbon Dioxide, are fed at high pressure directly to the CarDio™ high-pressure mixing head. Alternatively, there is an “Indirect” System, where the polyol and additive streams are supplied from the existing low-pressure metering units and are fed through a high pressure boost pump before being introduced to the new CarDio™ high-pressure mixing head.

The CarDio™ System has many features and benefits that are simply not available with any other Carbon Dioxide system on the market today. Cannon Viking offers a unique CarDio™ gatebar where by the chemical and CO2 mix flows effortlessly through an elongated slot, which allows for full width foam production.

CarDio™ remains the prefered Carbon Dioxide blending system on the market today due to the unique way it handles and processes the liquid foam mix. In particular, the CarDio™ system excels in the production of high viscosity and filled foams. Large scale foamers are more reliant on fillers for various applications, such as fire retardancy and the use of Calcium Carbonate for cost reduction.

For the foam producers wishing to manufacture PU foam with a density of less than 1.3 lbs/ft3 in North America –a continent with some of the strictest environmental legislation policies – the use of CO2 in the process is essential and Cannon Viking is ready to assist.

Features and Benefits of CarDio™

CarDio™ ensures trouble-free processing of

  • Polymer Polyols from 5 to 20 Micron
  • Fire Retardant Additives from 50 to 120 Micron
  • Fillers (CaCo3) from 2 to 20 Micron
  • Ground Scrap PU up to 50 Micron
  • High Viscosity MDI Prepolymers

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