Cannon Viking in Manchester

Viking Engineering was established in 1956 as a family owned industrial engineering company. The enterprise, workingwith the world’s largest chemical company at that time, grew specialising in the engineering and manufacturing of continuous slabstock technology and single block machines.

Joining the privately owned Cannon Group in 1989, the company, which then became Cannon Viking, further increased it’s ability to develop technologies, embracing Cannon’s innovative mind-set that brought the first eco friendly blowing agent dispensing patented system CarDio™; which is still the most advanced liquid carbon dioxide based blowing agent used by continuous flexible foam producers.

Cannon Viking has been an integral part of the development and the evolution of the polyurethane foam industry worldwide, in particular in the bedding and furniture markets, having 800 clients in 140 countries who are assisted by the worldwide Cannon aftersales service network.

Cannon Viking solutions are designed and manufactured in U.K, with a modular approach that allows the upgrading of the machines at any time, following the evolution of the clients’ business.

As well as being the Cannon company specializing in blockfoaming and slabstock equipment, Cannon Viking is the reference point for all Cannon plastic technologies in the UK.

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