• 07/10/2012

    CANNON Deutschland @ Composites Europe 2012


Cannon Deutschland – the German branch of the Cannon Group - will present at the Composites Europe Show and Conference 2012 held in the Exhibition Centre in Düsseldorf, Germany from October 9th  to 11th 2012

Cannon's latest developments in the fields of Composites, Polyurethane and Thermoforming technologies will be on show, presented by an international team of specialists:
The most complete range of Epoxy infusion and injection technologies and tools

  • ESTRIM (Epoxy STructural Reaction Injection Moulding) technology, for the replacement of conventional, slow RTM process with fast-demoulding high-pressure injection of Epoxy resin formulations. This technology is now available in two new versions, the Spray (SL) and Liquid Laydown (LL), for different, more advanced applications of large Composite parts in the Automotive industry.
  • The E-System, a three-component high-pressure dosing unit for Epoxies, now available in its second, enhanced version.
  • The range of automatic Preformers for the preparation of Carbon and Glass fiber preforms used for resin impregnation and injection technologies.
  • The dedicated molds for Composites
  • A complete range of handling and manipulation systems for dry or wet preforms and moulded parts.

A new compression molding solution for Thermoplastic Composites, including presses up to 3,500 ton, ovens and handling systems, for light-weight compression-molded reinforced plastic sheets - SMC, GMT, LWRT (Low Weight Reinforced Thermoplastics) - and a new generation of Composites
Co-injection and Reinforced spray technologies for Polyurethanes, for an increasingly wider number of industrial applications.

Automated, industrialised technologies for the production of large composites parts destined to the aeronautics and wind generation markets: 

  • The Epoxy DX dosing machines for infusion in the wind blades,
  • Dosing machines for Polyurethane inserts, to replace the use of balsa wood or Polystyrene cut blocks, 
  • Dosing machines and presses for DCPD (DiCycloPentaDiene) resins to produce large, thin, high-modulus structural parts without glass reinforcement,
  • Tailor-made handling and assembling equipment for large parts.

The latest models of Industrial Thermoformers , equipped with halogen heating lamps, computerised zone-control of heating, patented adjustable plate systems for minimum set up time and elimination of reduction plates.

The world's widest network of Service Centres for the Composites and Polyurethane processors. 

At the Cannon booth n. 8B/E15 our experienced, domestic and international staff will assist you for your Composites, Polyurethane and Thermoforming processing needs!

Composite production? Talk to us: We Know How!






    The Cannon Group will be present at the 2012 edition of Feiplar Composites & Feipur that will be held in the Expo Center Norte of São Paulo, SP, Brasil (Nov. 6-8, 2012)

  • CANNON USA @ JEC Americas 2012


    The Cannon Group’s North American branch (www.cannonusa.com) will be present at the JEC Americas Composites Show and Conference 2012 held in Boston, Massachusetts, USA from November 7th to 9th 2012

  • Cannon Deutschland @ Fakuma 2012


    The Cannon Group will be present at the 2012 edition of Fakuma that will be held in Friedrichshafen, Germany (October 16-20, 2012)

  • Bono Energia awarded by Consolidated Contractors Co for the supply of 3 water tube boiler for Gasco Plant in Emirates


    Bono Energia has been awarded by Consolidated Contractors Co for the supply of three water tube boiler for Gasco Shah Gas Development project in Emirates. In the de-sulfuration plant the boilers will supply steam for process. The water tube boiler will produce 18.000 kg/h saturated steam at a pressure of 8 bar and a temperature of 350°C firing natural gas.