CarDio™ Liquid Carbon Dioxide Blowing System

Liquid Carbon Dioxide Blowing System

The alternative physical blowing agents such as CFC 11, Methylene Chloride, 1,1,1 Trichlorethane or Acetone all present some problem, such as adverse environmental or safety aspects. In comparison to the aforementioned chemicals, Carbon Dioxide is an environmentally friendly material, being already part of earth's atmospheric eco-cycle.

Why use Natural Liquid Carbon Dioxide?
The reasons for choosing CO2 are by now generally well known and the concept widely accepted.

  • The product is abundantly available in nature, is extremely cheap, expands three times more than competing alternatives, such as Methylene Chloride, so less is required and has no harmful effect on the health of workers, or factory safety.
  • By using CO2, which is a by-product of other industrial processes, no additional gas is added to the atmosphere, which makes CarDio™ an environmentally friendly process.


The CarDio™ equipment can be supplied complete and incorporated with a new continuous foam slabstock plant, or installed as an addition to a customer’s existing foam block production machinery as a retrofit package.
CarDio™ - a Cannon process technology patent worldwide - was the first commercial process to successfully use Liquid Carbon Dioxide as a physical blowing agent in polyurethane foam production on a continuous basis. 
The CarDio™ process may only be operated under licence from Cannon.