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Visco-Elastic Package

Cannon Viking is happy to offer a new visco elastic equipment package to its customers both old and new.

Continuous block foaming 
Cannon Viking can offer established foam producers using existing continuous foam block production machinery the necessary equipment to modify and adapt their existing equipment to enable the production of visco elastic foams.
New foam plants can also be ordered capable of production of visco elastic foams from time of initial installation and commissioning by Cannon Viking.
The visco elastic equipment package consists of all necessary additional chemical metering units and electrical controls for integration into the existing foam block production machinery.
technical service engineer is provided by Cannon Viking as part of the package to install the new equipment and to provide necessary training of the clients foam plant operators.
Discontinuous block foaming
With the large growth in visco elastic foam also known as Memory Foam being used more extensively in mattresses and pillows, Cannon Viking has developed a custom made Blockmatic Single Block Machine package.
The equipment is based upon Cannon Viking’s highly successful Blockmatic 150 kilo shot machine but with multiple separate metering lines and tank storage for the special Polyols and additives used to produce visco foams. The mixing capacity of the machine is also increased to enable the formation of large foam block of maximum economy, machines have already been supplied within the Europe, Middle East, Asia Pacific and most recently Eastern Europe for production of this highly profitable foam.