Viking Technologies

Cannon Viking stands at the forefront of the development of machinery for the production of flexible, semi-rigid and rigid foam blocks and our product range can easily be divided into two areas:
Continuous Plants - We are the leader in the provision of both low pressure and high pressureMaxfoam equipment and have supplied more than 350 Maxfoams in more than 120 countries to date. We have also pioneered high pressure technology on Maxfoam machines and have more than 40 plants operating at partial high pressure. In addition to this we have also been at the forefront of developing the C-Max full high pressure plant which is able to operate as a standard Maxfoam, a Liquid Laydown Plant as well as a Conventional plant. Other bespoke continuous machinery offered includes the Varimax, which is a continuous plant where foaming widths can be changed 'on-the-fly' as well as the Vertifoam machine which produces foam on a continuous basis but vertically instead of the traditional horizontal way as on a standard Maxfoam machine.
Discontinuous Plants - To date Cannon Viking has supplied more than 200 discontinuous plants worldwide and can be found operating successfully on every continent. These plants are particularly popular in the developing world but are now also increasingly popular for the production of speciality foams such as HR and Visco-elastic as well as for the production of rigid and semi-rigid foam blocks also with developed clients in the most demanding markets. Our product range consists of the Blockmatic single block machine which comes in various outputs and can also be supplied on a bespoke basis depending on the actual needs of our customer for an even higher grade of foam. The Blockmatic range of machines is highly versatile and can be used with all types of foam systems for the production of flexible, HR, visco-elastic and semi-rigid "headliner foams". Our discontinuous plants are not only ideal for the production of standard rectangularfoam blocks but also for round blocks which are then used in peeling applications.