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tank farm

Tank Farms and Chemical Bulk Storage

Cannon Viking has extensive experience not only in the manufacture and setting up machinery for the production of flexible foams but we also have a wealth of experience in the provision of bulk storage tanks and tank design. We are happy to assist customers with both the provision and design of bulk storage tanks and the relative pipework, to ensure that all equipment is supplied correctly at the right size and operating pressures and to ensure that all chemicals are being pumped correctly, which is very important when constructing a new plant and buying new machinery.

Customers who are perhaps new to the foaming industry may not understand just how critical the handling of the chemicals is in order to produce the highest quality foams. Not only can the chemicals being stored at the wrong temperature have a negative impact on foam quality but also can be dangerous as certain chemicals can react when stored at ambient or the wrong temperatures.
Cannon Viking is proud to be able to offer our vast experience and practical advice to customers who may not have a great deal of experience in this field. Our design and engineering team have nearly 200 years experience between them in the polyurethane business and we are more than happy to share this knowledge and expertise with our customers.