VERTIFOAM is a patented method of producing flexible PU foam in a vertical direction. 
The process produces a perfectly rectangular or round block with minimum skin loss, with an improved utilisation of chemicals and full size blocks of foam at relatively low chemical outputs. 

The VERTIFOAM plant can be supplied with a vertical tunnel for the production of standard rectangular blocks or if preferred for the production of round blocks.
This process for producing polyurethane foam has many advantages over other methods:
  1. Environmentally very efficient, due to the low rate of TDI emission compared with conventional systems
  2. Considerable reduction in floor area requirements due to the fact that VERTIFOAM makes foam in a vertical direction.
  3. The design of the plant enables large cross section blocks to be produced at very low output.
  4. The air extraction required with this process is considerably less than with conventional systems and this has the effect of reducing the cost of air conditioning or heating.
  5. Minimum skin losses because the heavy top and bottom skins do not arise and all four sides exhibit only very light signs of skins and, for many applications, there is no need for trimming.
  6. Accurate rectangular or round blocks are automatically produced by this process.
  7. Better physical property distribution through the block.This gives lower variation in density and, therefore considerable savings are effected - uniform density distribution and uniform hardness. 
  8. Colour and grade changes are possible during the run within a distance of 15 to 20 cm.
  9. Considerably reduced start/stop losses, normally under one metre and the process is therefore suitable for small efficient production from 500 to 4,000 tonnes per year.
  10. A typical plant can be run with only three men.
Vertifoam technology has been in successful operation around the world for over 20 years