The MAXFOAM system for making continuous flexible foam blocks is in production throughout the world and is accepted as the most efficient way to produce continuous flexible foam blocks. This equipment is designed to the highest standard and incorporates many quality features as standard not found on competitors equipment.

Cannon Viking Maxfoam Features and Benefits
The method of precise chemical mixing and accurate controlled chemical distribution and foam rise gives the following major economic advantages with Cannon Viking Maxfoam equipment

  • Flat top, square shaped foam blocks with better cutting conversion and less scrap
  • Lower skin density reduced bottom and side skins resulting in less waste
  • Less foam density variation in the block more regular foam per block
  • Variable width foam blocks as a standard feature reduced waste thanks to production width flexibility
  • Optimum chemical conversion less waste thanks to high quality accurate equipment

The MAXFOAM machinery is supplied in a variety of sizes dependent upon the total chemical output of the machine.

- Maxfoam 400 (240 kg/min capacity)
- Maxfoam 600 (350 kg/min capacity)
- Maxfoam 800 (430 kg/min capacity)

Cannon Viking have supplied Maxfoam equipment to more than 450 companies located in more than 130 countries worldwide.