Maxfoam Elite

The latest Maxfoam Elite plant is engineered for simplelater upgrading and expansion to offer a wide variety of foam production technologies on the same foam machine.

It already includes a special fallplate from the C-Max plant and a mixing head arrangement to enable simple, later upgrading and transformation to a C-Max. This machine permits not only Maxfoam trough production, but also Liquid Laydown / Conventional foam production for higher density and higher quality foams than those which can be made with a trough.

Traditionally Maxfoam plants have utilised low pressure metering units and mixing technology but in recent years due to customer demand for higher quality foams and ongoing continuous development by Cannon Viking now can supply the larger capacity Maxfoam 600 and 800 plants with the option of partial high pressure metering units (on TDI and Water low viscosity metering lines) or, upon request, full high pressure metering units, providing a foam cell structure more uniform and regular. The larger machines are also available with the Varimax option which enables the adjustment of the foam block width automatically during production without the need to stop and restart the Maxfoam or Maxfoam Elite plant. When this equipment is supplied with conveyorised driven slat sidewalls this creates the most efficient continuous foam plant.