C-Max Meridian 041


The CANNON VIKING C-MAX is a multi-process machine, producing foam by the Maxfoam and Conventional processes, capitalising on the low scrap loss of Maxfoam and the versatility of the Conventional process.

The C-Max operates as a High Pressure Maxfoam with a trough, as a High Pressure Maxfoam with liquid laydown and using the Maxfoam fallplate to improve foam block shape, giving regular cell structure and low pinholes, or as a Conventional machine with traditional direct pour producing higher density foams and speciality grades.

To obtain the maximum economy of production, the C-Max is designed with 1,200 mm high sidewalls, which, as standard, are variable in width during production from 1,500 mm to 2,450 mm.

The ‘Omega’ Computer/PLC Control System gives accurate digital control of chemical output and automatic control of mechanical settings - this avoids operator error and ensures an accuracy of formulation only available at reasonable cost in recent years.

Due to the modular mechanical and electrical design, C-Max equipment may be ordered as a High Pressure Maxfoam plant like this and then easily upgraded at any time in the future to include liquid laydown and Conventional machine production.

Spare entries for chemicals into the mixing head and standard computer software, designed for up to 80 chemical streams, allows for expansion at a later date without the necessity of mechanical changes or extensive electrical or software modifications, typical of relay or SCADA computer controls.