RS Square

RS Square Block System

The Cannon Viking RS Square Block Equipment has been in successful operation since the mid 1970and is installed and fitted worldwide on a large number of Maxfoam and Varimax foaming planThe equipment is designed to enable the foam block producer to obtain a better rectangular foam block shape with improved yield especially on foam blocks over 1 metre in height.

The principal of the system is based on a reduction of the friction between the rising, expanding foam block and the moving side papers / films by the introduction of a low density polyethylene film web on each side of the foam block.

The two polyethylene film webs are fed in at the front end of the Maxfoam / Varimax foam plant on either side of the Maxfoam trough to ensure location between the expanding foam and side papers. The two polyethylene webs are then pulled in an upward motion by two matched film pulling units during the foam expansion phase on the Maxfoam Fallplate.

The film pulling units are adjustable both in height and longitudinal length to suit a wide variety of foam density grades and the different production characteristics.

RS Square Block Equipment can be supplied as an integral part of a new foaming plant or as an addition to existing Maxfoam or Varimax Block Machinery. RS Equipment is supplied as a complete package of equipment including the two RS pulling units with guide rails, polyethylene film unwind stations for location by the side paper feed unwind units and electrical controls for simple control and operation of the RS Equipment.

Installation and operation instructions are also provided that give clear information to enable a Technician and Electrician to install the equipment in a relatively short time, in between foaming production runs without the need for downtime on the foam pouring line.

RS Square