Cannon Viking - Product Families

Cannon Viking is able to offer solutions to suit every budget whether that be for the smallest discontinuous plant to a fully integrated turnkey solution of high pressure foaming machine, tank farm and block storage area.

  • Slabstock Plants for Flexible and Rigid Foam Blocks - We are the leader in the provision of both low pressure and high pressure equipment for the production of polyurethane foam blocks. To date we have supplied more than 700 customers in more than 120 countries operating successfully on every continent. Our names is seen as a symbol of high quality, reliability and excellent workmanship to the highest possible standard built to last and to endure the most rigorous climatic conditions in the world's remotest areas. We provide full support, training and technical assistance on each project whether large or small.
  • Specialist Technologies - Cannon Viking has been at the forefront of the development of alternative technologies and innovations in the foam block industry over the last half a century. We actively innovate and re-design our product range to remain at the forefront as pioneers in this industry. We have developed key technologies such as the CarDioTM Carbon Dioxide system as well as the construction of specialised, bespoke laboratory plants for the development and testing of new chemical formulations for flexible and rigid foams. We also develop additional equipment related to slabstock machinery and offer a wide range of optional equipment to upgrade existing plants whether they be manufactured by Cannon Viking or by another company.
  • Chemical Raw Material Handling - Increasingly over the past few years, Cannon Viking has responded to a number of requests from customers to assist in the design and correct installation of chemical bulk storage tanks and tank farms. Cannon Viking realise the key to good quality foam is not just the type of machine used to make the foam but also by ensuring that the chemicals are conditioned and pumped as efficiently and in optimum conditions to the foaming machine. We offer a service where we take care of the design of the bulk storage tanks as well as any associated pipework to ensure optimum conditions for the essential chemicals required for foaming.
  • Block Storage and Handling - In addition to the provision of chemical raw material handling and bulk storage, Cannon Viking is also able to offer assistance with the possibility of offering block storage systems which can be integrated together with the foaming machine and / or the the tank farm and bulk storage area. Cannon Viking has completed major turnkey packages for the world's most prominent producer of visco-elastic foams supplying an integrated computerised system for foaming plant, bulk storage and block storage areas.